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Was Not East Enough for Most,
Was Not West Enough for Most of the Rest,
Was Just Right for the Select Few!!!

Minnesota Swarm Players and Coaches on Social Media
Minnesota Swarm Birthdays

AprilBirth DateBirth YearSM
Ryan Cousins11981 Instagram
Josh Funk51986 Facebook Instagram Twitter
Jake Elliott71973 Facebook Instagram Twitter
Corbyn Tao91988 Facebook Twitter
Mike Hobbins151984 Facebook
Shawn Nadelen161979 Facebook Instagram Twitter
Riley Kemp191982 Facebook
Tyler Hass201985  
Paul St. John211964 Facebook Twitter
Joel Henry211988 Instagram Twitter
Scott Stewart231979 Facebook Instagram Twitter
Heather (Bl)24   
Andrew Suitor261989 Facebook Instagram Twitter
Dane Stevens271988 Facebook Instagram
Ian Crawford281983  
Andy Secore281984 Facebook Twitter
Tyler Carlson291988 Facebook Twitter

Future NLL Drafts
Players that are draft eligible in future years and want to be
added to the list, can email me at this link or tweet me.
Next year's 2022 NLL Entry Draft is in September, 2022.
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2022   Participants Picture Roster Profiles NLL Draft Order
2023   Participants Picture Roster Profiles NLL Draft Order
2024   Participants Picture Roster Profiles NLL Draft Order

First Game
Last Game

1/1/05 6:35pm

5/2/15 7:00pm

The phrase "Swarm It Up" originates with the first captain in Minnesota Swarm history, Ryan Cousins, on February 5, 2007
in his Sportsnet blog entry that day. Mr. Cousins; therefore, maybe or maybe not entitled to a yet unspecified
and nonnegotiated percentage of any and all reported and realized net income generated by this website.
It doesn't really matter since the website has an average pre-tax net loss of $7.51 per month.

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