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Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse will play a short form, fast paced format consisting of ten-minute quarters, 10v10 gameplay and a 60-second shot clock all housed on an 90yd x 60yd playing field. Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse will be comprised of 56 players that will roster four teams of 14 players each. Play will begin with draws at the beginning of each quarter as well as after every goal.

Team Points
20 points for each quarter won
45 points for winning the match

If the game is tied at the end of a quarter, points will carry over to the next quarter and will be awarded to the winner of the next quarter.

If the score is tied at the end of the game, there will be a three-minute sudden victory overtime. If it is still tied after the overtime period, there will be a shootout with three shooters on each side. If still tied, a second shootout of the same structure will take place.

In the event that the game is still tied after the overtime period and two shootouts, the game will end in a tie.

MVP Points
MVP 1 (45 pts)
MVP 2 (30 pts)
MVP 3 (15 pts)

Individual Points
Goal: +12 points
Assist: +4 points
Ground Ball: +2 points
Draw Control: +2 points
Turnover: -10 points
Caused Turnover: +14 points
Save: +5 points
Goals Against : -2 point
Shot Saved: -2 points
Yellow Card: -4 points
Red Card: -8 points
Two-point Goal: +16 points
Shot Clock Violation: +2 Points to Defensive Team
Shot Clock Violation: -2 Points to Offensive Team
Change of Possession on Shout Out of Bounds: +12 points to Defender awarded possession
Caused Turnover from Yellow Card on Offensive Player: +12 points